One Talk

Site qualification tool


Verizon's One Talk Site qualification tool will allow you, to perform three fundamental sets of tests,
to help you determine the readiness of your location prior to deploying One Talk devices. Below
you will find a brief description of what each test will allow you to do. Please click on the "LOGIN" button to begin.

Compatible with Internet Explorer 11 only

UDP Bandwidth: This test will perform an analysis of the amount of available bandwidth at the time the test is run. The test
will give you real time information about the capacity of the broadband connection.

TLS Connectivity: This test will perform an analysis of the ports and protocols used by One Talk devices to determine
whether the security devices protecting the business have been configured properly.

RTP Service: This test will perform a simulation of the number of concurrent devices that could be placing a call at once. This will
allow you to accurately determine if the existing broadband connection can support the number of devices scoped out in the deployment plan.